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Custom Neon 

custom neon signs

contemporary neon signs

custom neon signs

8 foot Tattoo sign

custom Neon window signs

NH Arts Center Sign

 Neon Word Art 

love neon word art

The Hopeful Series

Neon Art

Neon Art  

Abstract Neon Art

Abstract Neon Wall Sculpture

James Joyce Neon Sign

Restoration of Vintage Neon Signs

 1948 Chevrolet Dealership sign


 Skeleton sign restoration

scale version of CITGO Boston Sign

Trade Show 
Neon Signs

Trade Show Neon Signs


Neon Names


28 foot Neon
US Flag! 
US Neon Flag

Movie theater
Neon Movie Theater Neon

Custom Neon 

custom neon clocks

Don't Worry Be Happy Neon clock

What We Do
Neon Bending

Awards & TV Stories

2009 2nd Place award

2008 Mack 1st place Award

About Atlantic Neon Company
Email: Jake@atlanticneon.com


welcome neon sign

Atlantic Neon Company LLC   


  • Custom Neon Signs 

  • Neon Art 

  • Neon Word Art

  • Contemporary Neon Signs

  • Vintage Neon Signs:
             Vintage & Porcelain Neon Sign Restoration
    Restoring & Repairing Old Neon Signs 
           Art Deco Neon Signs 
             Custom Neon Signs in a Retro Style
             Reproductions of Vintage Neon Signs       

  • Neon Over Vinyl, Enamel or Powder Coat

  • Trade Show Neon Signage

  • Cold Cathode Lighting Specialist

  • Eye Catching Window Neon Signs

  • Modern Neon Sculptures

  • Custom Neon Clocks

  • Wholesale & Trade Work

From Concept 
    ...to Design
    ...to Bending the Glass
    ...to Assembly 
    ...to Installation


Design Your Own Retro Neon Sign
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Design Your own Vintage Style Neon Home


12" High Retro Neon Sign


Custom Neon Signs & Art!

We make you shine Neon
Neon Signs - New Hampshire (NH), Massachusetts (MA), Maine (ME),
Connecticut (CT) Neon Signs Boston,MA- Portland, ME - Portsmouth, NH, 
New England


Hey! Check This Out!
     2010 Mack Awards 2008 Mack Awards 2008 Mack Awards
Sign awards to Atlantic Neon Company
Atlantic Neon Company received  1st, 2nd & 3rd Place for the Neon Sign category at the 2010 Mack sign Awards Ceremonies!
Atlantic Neon Company was Featured on 
New Hampshire Chronicle TV-WMUR
    Check it out here!







  Atlantic Neon Company LLC   
         22 Canal St. - Suite 258             
   Somersworth, NH 03878  (Greater Portsmouth, NH)
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Email: Jake@atlanticneon.com



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