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Neon Signs for Sale-  THE COFFEE CAFE (cheap!)

The Coffee Cafe neon sign

The Coffee Cafe  
Neon Sign

         picked up at my studio in Somersworth,NH

$550.00 crated (wooden crate with skid) for shipping- not including shipping fees
 (actual freight charges would be applied..)

I just don't have space for it right now...Several large projects coming in and need to move this sign...  I occasionally make a sign because....well, just because I just want to. So, I made this sign out of an old porcelain kitchen table.  It reflects off the porcelain with all the charm of an old neon sign.  The edging of the old table gives it a wonderful warm look.  

If you saw this in a coffee shop window....you would go in.  This is not your boring corporate sign.

Some of the very cool features are:

  • 21" H x  32" W  x   5" D
  • Super Turquoise neon top and clear red neon glass on bottom. The top words are a retro art deco font... the bottom is a retro Italian rounded font( love this font!)
  • The neon goes through the porcelain and wired inside the sign. All is insulated with UL listed components.
  •  The back is made of black sintra (plastic material) 
  •  UL electronic transformer inside. Plugs into a regular 115 outlet.
  • Hooks on the top for hanging on wall or in a window.

If you have a coffee shop and need a new name or you are "THE COFFEE CAFE" let me know and you can buy this beauty.      Jake@atlanticneon.com

Sign off


Back of sign-note cord and on/off pull chain.




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