Retro Style Neon Signs

Full Size Retro Sign

In the great tradition of neon signs of the 1920’s to 1960’s, Atlantic Neon Company now offers custom lettered retro style neon signs. Build a sign in the classic “Bow Corner” style. Pick your own words, styles, font & colors!

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Made in USA …. Actually, all the neon is bent, and cabinet made in Somersworth,NH. This is not a cheap import. Custom built and designed just for your needs. Made for Indoor use only.


• Professional handmade neon tubes. It takes a skilled neon bender to accurately make the neon tubes to fit exactly over the lettering.

• The front of the cabinets are anodized aluminum. An exceptionally strong and durable color and durability! The cabinet backs are painted 0.20 gauge steel with access port.

• The lettering and striping are all done with the highest end 3M vinyl. All letters & graphics are custom cut for you sign.

• Quality UL listed electronic transformer for years of high output light.

• Made for Indoor use only. Can be placed in window or on wall.

• Back of cabinet has port panel for easy access.

Cabinet dimensions

Cord & knurled knobbed On/Off Switch

Cord & knurled knobbed On/Off Switch

Style A

Style B

Style C

Style D

Style E